by nature.

Through regulated financial instruments we support Institutional and Accredited Investors in the discovery of Alternative Markets… We are the bridge between Traditional Finance and Disruptive Finance

What we do

We back a vast range of companies

From the beginning, we have been listening to the needs of portfolio diversification, decorrelation and performance improvement, crucial for Institutional and Accredited investors in order to stay closely aligned to the market evolutions and ready to grasp the changes in trends.

We work together with our customers as qualified partners, supporting them:

  • in Exploring disruptive market opportunities. We produce market analysis to support better investment decisions for Banks, Asset Managers, Pension Funds based on their needs of diversification and performance.

  • in Designing bespoke alternative investment satellite portfolios for accredited investors, Auditing existing alternative investment portfolios and strategies.

  • in Analysing risk, performance and decorrelation, providing support to risk managers and compliance officers in the risk analysis and authorization procedures of illiquid and exotic asset classes.

  • in Arranging and Structuring regulated financial products and vehicles from scratch, to raise funds on alternative and disruptive asset classes and strategies.

  • in Boosting fundraising on alternative and disruptive asset classes or products, through various distribution channels and investor relations via our accredited investors network.

Who we are

We are Alternative

Virgil Alternative Investments UK Ltd (VAI UK Ltd) is a London-based financial boutique exclusively focused on alternative and disruptive investment opportunities.

Our executives and managers boast over 15 years of expert international experience in financial institutions, investment banks and in the Big Four.

Our team consists of a group of young analysts, researchers and advisors, with an average age of 35 years, coming from the best UK universities, such as UCL and Oxford, and from prestigious European business schools, such as Bocconi University, BBS (Bologna Business Schools) and LUISS (Free International University of Social Studies “Guido Carli”).

Our core team follows a program of continuous learning provided by Harvard Business School, focused on Alternative Investment.

Who we serve

We serve a vast range of companies

What we make

We design Structured Financial Products

Virgil Alternative Investments Uk Ltd designs and manufactures Structured Financial Products with alternative asset classes as the underlying.

Structured finance products allow for access to disruptive assets and exotic investment strategies from a regulated vehicle.

Many of these asset classes would be inaccessible to Financial Institutions and Qualified Investors, often because they are not compliant with traditional policies.

In other cases, this inaccessibility is a result of the difficulty in terms of the technical evaluation or conducting due diligence in the asset classes (as in the case of digital assets) as they are not fully regulated.

However, VAI UK has the team, skills and experience to overcome these challenges and to support Financial Institutions and Qualified Investors in the creation of structured products in line with the needs of compliance officers and risk managers.

These instruments can be listed on regulated markets or purchased in private placement according to the needs of the investor.
Structured Financial Products allow access to investment with smaller ticket sizes than would be required by many Hedge Funds or Investment Funds. At the same time, Hedge Funds and Investment Funds benefit from the ability to communicate with a single investor the “Structured Financial Product” with greater ease in relations rather than many.

VAI UK also owns its own line of AMCs (Actively Managed Certificates) with underlying disruptive assets, digital and DeFi strategies, creating a bridge between the TradFi world (Traditional Finance), and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) products giving institutions the ability to access this disruptive asset class.